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Официальные новости

From October 1 till October 8 mayor of Birobidzhan for the first time was with official visit in an Israeli city Maalot-Tarshikha

In Israel there were days of Birobidzhan city. The place of the event was Birobidzhan's sister-city Maalot-Tarshikha, where more than two thousands of the former inhabitants of the JAR lived. The days of the Far Eastern city were carried out for the third year under the... Подробнее...

In Birobidzhan one more «Hot line» began to act.

Questions of autonomy inhabitants connected to municipal problems are accepted in the regional branch of «United Russia». The most fixed attention is planned to give to the heating season. The operators of three telephones of the «Hot line» will collect data arriving fr... Подробнее...

Forest wardens and experts of regional management for natural resources have begun check for illegal bar of cedar nuts

The Government of the autonomy has accepted a solution about prohibition of cedar nuts harvest till November 1. The first check was conducted at Birakan highway in Obluchensky district. It appeared to be rather successful. 10 administrative protocols were composed, 280 ... Подробнее...

At regional centre the next eviction of debtors from a comfortable apartment was held

One of families was moved from an apartment on Teatralny lane by a solution of the urban court. By the way, this time the basis for such operations of juridical officers and municipal services were not only debts of these tenants (about 12 thousand roubles), but also th... Подробнее...

After a six-month trip the JAR emergency plat has returned from Chechnya.

As plat chief Andrey Parkhomenko has told, the group of eight persons performed the task on maintenance of elections of the President of the Chechen Republic and maintaining of the constitutional order. Soldiers were handed thanks letters from Headquarters of integrated... Подробнее...